Colin Brooks-Williams is Britain's No1 'Monty' Lookalike and Impersonator and can be seen at many high-profile events nationwide.  He is a known authority on the life and history of Bernard Law Montgomery and his War-time 'Double' M.E.Clifton James, and the parts both men played in the D-Day deception plan codenamed : 'Operation Copperhead'.


Historical accuracy and authenticity with 100% attention to detail is key to his professional portrayal. Constant study and research over many years has enabled him to personally recreate Monty's uniforms, clothing and many sets of medal ribbons and actual medals, and to replicate his particular mannerisms and speech patterns.   Colin prides himself on staying 'in character' at all times to give the most precise and sympathetic portrayal possible, which is always done with the greatest respect to the memory of 'Monty'. 


Many fact-finding visits have been made to historically significant sites, including Monty's home and final resting place in the village of Alton in Hampshire ; Aldershot Military Museum, and the D-Day Map Room at Southwick House on D-Day Anniversaries and the Imperial War Museum in London.  Colin owns an interesting collection of letters written and signed by B.L.Montgomery, as well as signed copies of books written by Monty and his war-time 'double' M.E.Clifton James, amongst many other fascinating items of Monty memorabilila.

In the course of his research, Colin was able to help the Australian War Memorial Museum by correctly identifying previously unknown badges on Monty's Australian 'Slouch' Hat, the origin of which had been a mystery to them, and has recreated the only 100% accurate replica of this early 'El Alamein' headwear to be seen outside of the Museum. This is the hat that Monty wore briefly in the desert, before adopting the world-famous beret with two badges.


Colin's background is within the Cinema, his whole family having been in the business of managing and running cinemas from the 1930s until 2008, and he first entered the projection room at the age of four.  Lately he has appeared as an 'Extra' on TV, and in the Theatre for The National Theatre's production of 'An Inspector Calls' (in 2012 and again in 2015.) He is currently studying Performing Arts at Llandrillo College. His plan to build a touring replica of Monty's Office Caravan got underway this year. It is a long-term project which will provide a mobile exhibition for a large collection of artefacts, such as Monty's personal hand-written letters and documents, as well as a vast array of accurately recreated medal sets and uniforms. It will also serve as a focal point at events for the re-enactment of Monty's war-time speeches and broadcasts. 

Colin is a member of the Film Artistes Association (FAA) and the Broadcasting Entertainment Cinema and Theatre Union (BECTU) with full public liabilty insurance cover, and is also a member of 'Equity' the actor's union. He is also a supporter of the Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF), and the British Film Institute. 

 Monty's Double is pleased to recommend EPIC MILITARIA as his preferred supplier of excellent quality Battledress uniforms.  



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